DB Power (India) visits China for the Ammonia-based Desulfurization Technology from JNG
JNG | 25 Sep, 2018

On 22nd September, 2018, Mr. Jhawar Himanshu, President of Finance, and Mr. Singh Sukhbir, Executive Vice President of Technology & Commerce, visited the Headquarters of JNG to discuss technological and business cooperation. Madam Luo, President of JNG China, and Mr. He Xifu, Vice President, warmly welcomed the visiting guests.

Mr. Himanshu was firstly introduced the history of JNG, after which, Mr. He held a technological meeting to introduce the guests the advantages and characteristics of the Efficient Ammonia-based Desulfurization (EADS). Madam Luo received the guests in the VIP room after the technological meeting, during which she expressed that: “The Indian market is one the oversea markets that JNG pays special attention to because of its huge development space and promising future. JNG will dedicate itself in offering DB Power with the best solution, helping DB Power find the most capable local partner, and providing DB Power with the most comprehensive supply chain resources, bringing maxim benefit to the client.” Mr. Himanshu said: "This is the first time for DB Power to know ammonia-based desulfurization. We very much look forward to it and to our cooperation. I hope we will have the honor to receive Chairman Xu and Madam Luo some time in India, for the better implementation of this project. "

At the same day, Mr. Shriram Kacharu Katkade, General Manager of Commerce & Technology, and Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh, General Manager of Operation & Management, went to Ningxia along with the accompany of several JNG staff to visit the largest ammonia-based desulfurization unit – Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group 10X200 MW Project.

During the visit, the visiting guests raised several questions such as the storage of ammonia, ammonia sulfate handling process and system, standard compliance of terminal flue gas, waste water condition and etc. Mr. Chai Xingfeng, Deputy Director of the Engineering Department of JNG, gave elaborate explanations to all those questions. During the Q&A session in the main controlling room, the Indian guests also asked about the maintenance cycle of the absorber. In addition, the staff at the Project shared with the guests their personal experience: After changing from limestone desulfurization to EADS, they found that ammonia-based desulfurization performs better in economic aspects than the limestone solution, and they are satisfied with the cooperation with JNG and are willing to recommend JNG to India power plant owners. On their way to the airport, Mr. Jian Kaizhong, Vice President of JNG showed the guests some other projects of JNG such as two factories for methanol and olefin from coal. The guests was impressed with JNG’s project scale and achievements in Yinchuan.

DB Power Ltd (DBPL), is a company promoted by Dainik Bhaskar Group has set up a coal based thermal power plant at Badadarha, in the state of Chhattisgarh. Both Units are already commissioned and are under operation.

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