JNG Attends JCOAL' s China & US Environmental Policy and New Desulfurization Technology Seminar in Japan
JNG | 24 Oct, 2018
On 23rd October, 2018, JNG participated in a technical seminar held by the Japan Coal Energy Center (JCOAL) and made a keynote speech. The topic of the seminar was “the Environmental Protection Policy, Trends and New Desulfurization Technology Value of Coal Thermal Generation in US and China”. Dr. Qi Lifang, Vice President of JNG China and Robert Nicolo, Sales Director of JNG US (JET) attended the meeting and gave keynote speeches. Many well-known Japanese companies participated in this seminar including Onasei Group, JGC Corporation, Japan Iron and Ore Corporation, TOA Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Incorporated, KOBELCO Corporation, Coal Department of Mitsubishi Corporation, ACA Co., Ltd, and Gifu University.

At the meeting, Robert Nicolo introduced the current environmental challenges encountered by coal-fired power plants and the coal industry in the United States. He pointed out the great advantages and significance of JNG’s technology in the United States. He hoped that Japan could learn from experience and lessons from the United States on the selection of desulfurization technology in order to not making the same mistakes.

Dr. Qi introduced the development history of China's environmental emission standards and the achievements, problems and challenges of China's thermal power emission reduction business. She said that China's current emission indicators have reached the emission standard of gas-fired units, which is more stringent than some developed countries such as the United States and the European Union. At the end of 2017, 71% of coal-fired units have achieved ultra-low emission. She stressed that the limestone gypsum desulfurization technology adopted in China also had great hidden dangers to the secondary pollution of the environment. Arable land occupation, increased haze, water pollution and other environmental problems caused by desulfurization gypsum need to be replaced by a truly green environmental desulfurization technology. JNG’s 4th generation ammonia desulfurization technology has become one of the mainstream technologies for ultra-low emission in China rely on advantages include no waste residue, low operating cost and no carbon emission. After that, Dr. Qi gave a detailed explanation of JNG and its technology, and answered audiences’ questions.

The meeting hosted Mr. Hideaki Koyanagi summarized the content of the seminar. He highlighted the important value of JNG’s technology for the Japanese government's international commitment to achieve carbon emission reduction, the environmentally friendly characteristics of no waste residue discharge, the outstanding economy with low operating costs, as well as the global demand for liquid ammonia and ammonium sulfate. He affirmed that JNG’s technology could fully meet Japan's most stringent emission standards at the lowest cost, without any secondary pollution, and is the BAT technology which is worth promoting and applying in the Japanese market.

The experts from the attending companies were very interested in JNG’s technology and believed that it would change the single situation of desulfurization technology in the Japanese market and provide a more competitive choice. At the seminar, both sides conducted active interactive communication.

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