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Story about The Founder of JNEP
Mr. Xu, Junsheng is the founder of JNEP, the world's largest environmental protection company and also the leader and promoter of global ammonia-based desulfurization technology from R&D to maturity.
Mr. Xu, Junsheng was born in Zhenjiang, China, a historic and beautiful cultural city which located in the south region of the Yangtze River.His teenage years grew up in China during the decade of the Great Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Due to his 'original problems', he was deprived of his outstanding ability to pursue further studies. After graduating from junior high school, he was forced to decentralize to the countryside. Doing farm work and building construction let him experienced all kinds of hardships in life. However, the miserable life did not overwhelm his will, but he cultivated his perseverance and boldness and determination. In his spare time, he used all the time to conduct self-study, and in the ridiculous era he continued to enrich his inner life and laid a lifelong philosophy of values ​​and life.
At the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976, Mr. Xu, Junsheng returned to the city to obtain a diploma and obtain a position as a national staff member. In the tide of the 1980s (in 1980s, China's reform and opening up period, a large number of people work at state-owned companies resigned from their positions and engaged in business), he was unwilling to be mediocre and he also started to engage in business. Since then, he has started an extraordinary life path for an outstanding entrepreneur.
In the early 1990s, Mr. Xu, Junsheng founded Zhenjiang Jiangnan Magnetic Separation Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. and entered the supply field of auxiliary plants for the power plant. He made the company become a forefront company in the industry for several years.
At the end of the 1990s, China began to conduct air pollution control and the desulfurization market developed rapidly. Mr. Xu, Junsheng decided to enter the desulfurization industry. He realized that the limestone-based desulfurization technology been introduced in China had the disadvantages of high energy consumption, waste residue and waste water discharge, and secondary pollution of gypsum. It transformed one type of pollution into another, and it was not a green technology that truly met the concept of circular economy. He discovered the ammonia-based desulfurization technology. At that time, the ammonia-based desulfurization technology had only a few sets of experimental absorbers in the world, and it was far from mature. Mr. Xu was deeply touched by the advantages of ammonia-based desulfurization technology include high desulfurization efficiency, low energy consumption, no waste water discharge, and the by-produced high-value ammonium sulfate fertilizer. Mr. Xu's life experience in the countryside made him keenly aware that China is a large agricultural country and 80% of the farmland lacks of sulfur. Ammonia-based desulfurization could turn waste into treasure, turning SO2 in flue gas into a large amount of sulfur fertilizer for agricultural soils. It is a green desulfurization technology that truly meets China's national conditions. It is also in line with his values of doing what is truly beneficial to society.
In 1998, Mr. Xu established the Ammonia Desulfurization Technology Research Institute and embarked on the road to the development of ammonia-based desulfurization technology.
JNEP's first-generation ammonia-based desulfurization technology could not recover ammonium sulfate and could not achieve the advantages of the ammonia-based process. It also did not comply with the company's philosophy. Therefore, the development of recovery-based ammonia-based technology has started to be tackled. In order to concentrate on breakthroughs in technical problems, Mr. Xu resolutely closed the profitable magnetic separation equipment plant and devoted himself into R&D in which he has experienced many difficulties, in the most difficult period, companies rely on employees to raise funds to tide over difficulties.
In 2003, the ammonia recycling technology was finally realized, and the ammonia-based desulfurization technology achieved a major breakthrough.
Since then, JNEP has continued to innovate in technology and achieved constant progress from the first to the fourth generation. In 2015, the fourth-generation integrated ultra-low desulfurization and dust removal emission technology was successfully applied for R&D and application, and the coal-fired power plant reached the emission standard of gas-fired plant at a low cost. The emission indicators of the power plant allow coal to be clean energy like natural gas.
Mr. Xu determined that "the company is committed to the treatment of air pollution, using superior technology to improve the living environment of human beings, fully embody social value, shareholder value and employee value, and become a respected company worldwide" as the company's vision since he established the company and always adhere to in the 20 years of enterprise development.
Under the leadership of Mr. Xu, JNEP has achieved an average annual compound growth rate of 40% in the past ten years, and has built more than 300 sets of ammonia-based desulfurization absorbers in the world, and the global market share has reached over 80%.
Through cooperation with users, JNEP cumulatively reduced SO2 emissions by 5 million tons, reduced the emission of 10 million tons of desulfurized gypsum and millions of tons of wastewater, and produced tens of millions of tons of ammonium sulfate fertilizer for global agricultural use. JNG also achieved the reduction of billions of dollars in desulfurization costs for users, fulfilled Mr. Xu's philosophy of environmental protection as a public good, and the values of a socially beneficial business.
Mr Xu promoted and applied ammonia-based desulfurization technology globally and has achieved major breakthroughs. In this process, JNEP won won worldwide praise and respect. Mr Xu also committed to building a global sulfur-based compound fertilizer industry chain to provide tailor-made sulfur-based compound fertilizer for agriculture, which is of great significance to global grain production and farmers' income. This will become another great contribution of Jiangnan environmental protection to benefit mankind.
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