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Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
This project is the main project of the Phase II expansion project of Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Ningbo Daxie development zone. It is 1 x 410 t/h CFB boiler flue gas denitrification unit, which is contracted by the company for EPC. This project adopts the selective non catalytic reduction denitration (SNCR) technology, the design of the denitration efficiency is no less than 55%, use aqueous ammonia as the reducing agent , outlet NOx is not more than 100 mg/Nm3, ammonia slip is less than 8 mg/Nm3, and denitration unit lifetime is not less than 20 years.
Ningbo Jiufeng Power Co., Ltd.
The scale of this project is 4130 t/h sub-high temperature pressure circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers. Ningbo Jiufeng Power Co., Ltd. is a regional centralized heating and thermal power plant. The thermal load is relatively stable, and the operation mode of the thermal power plant is determined by thermoelectric and cogeneration. The #1-#3 boilers flue gas denitrification units adopt the SNCR + SCR combined denitration process. Under the conditions of design coal, check coal and treating the maximum working condition of the boiler, the NOx concentration at the denitrification inlet is 300 mg/Nm3. Denitrification efficiency guaranteed value is 75%. #4 boiler uses SNCR technology alone, and the denitrification efficiency guarantee value is 60%.
Inner Mongolia Datang International Keshiketeng Coal to Gas Co., Ltd.
The project is a 4470t/h coal-fired boiler denitration retrofit project for the Phase I of the power zone of the Datang International Keshiketeng Coal to Gas Project in Inner Mongolia. The project adopts SCR, the NOX content of the denitrification reactor inlet is 400mg/Nm3, the NOx content of the outlet is 80mg/Nm3, and the designed denitration efficiency is not less than 80%.
Denitrification and PM Control Project List
NO. Client Name Capacity Denitration Technology Contract Date
1 Dongying Gangcheng Heating Co., Ltd. 3×260t/h Boiler SCR 2011.12
2 Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 1×410t/h Boiler SNCR 2012.08
3 Ningbo Jiufeng Power Co., Ltd. 4×130t/h Boiler SNCR+SCR 2013.02
4 Ningbo Haiyue New Materials Co., Ltd. 3×240t/h Boiler SCR 2013.02
5 Shaan×i Changqing Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd. 3×180t/h Boiler SCR 2013.03
6 Ningbo Yajiang Paper Co., Ltd. 2×300T/h Boiler SNCR 2013.05
7 Inner Mongolia Datang International Keshiketeng Coal to Gas Co., Ltd. 4×470t/h Boiler SCR 2014.05
8 Shaanxi Future Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd. 3×480t/h Boiler SCR 2012.06
9 Fujian Tianchen Yaolong New Materials Co., Ltd. 3×260t/h Boiler SCR 2012.11
10 Gold East Paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. 1×250T/H+3×400T/H Boiler SNCR+SCR 2013.05
11 Jinhuasheng (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 2×250T/h+1×400 T/h Boiler SNCR 2013.05
12 Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. 2×220T/h Boiler SNCR 2013.05
13 Jiangxi Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. 3×240t/h Boiler SCR 2013.06
14 Xinjiang Markor Chemical Co., Ltd. 3×130t/h+3×220t/h Boiler SNCR 2014.05
15 Ningbo Xiebei Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 1×410 t/h Boiler SNCR 2015.06
16 Zibo Jiazhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 3x150t/h+1x75t/h Boiler 2016.05 2016.05
17 Ningbo Jiufeng Power Co., Ltd. 4x130t/h Boiler SNCR+SCR 2016.05
18 Sichuan Coal Gasification Co., Ltd. 2×210t/h Boiler SNCR+SCR 2012.06
19 Zhongtian Hechuang Erdos Co., Ltd. 240t/h Boiler SCR 2014.01
20 Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group Co., Ltd.
Tengri Fine Chemicals Branch
3×280t/h Boiler SNCR 2015.01
21 Jiangxi Brother Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 3×130t/h Boiler SNCR 2015.03
22 Hebei Changrun Environmental Protection Tech Co., Ltd. 2×220t/h Boiler SNCR+SCR 2016.02
23 Shanxi Yanchang Petroleum Yan’an Energy Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. 4x360t/h Boiler SCR 2016.05
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