Corporate Social Responsibility
Mr. Xu Junsheng, founder and Chairman of JNEP, always believes that environmental protection is a public welfare undertaking. Our responsibility is to help customers to create value as much as possible.
· JNEP consciously assumes the responsibility of corporate citizens and is committed to the sustainable development of the economy, the environment, and the people's livelihood. Through continuous technological innovation, we contribute to the global governance of air pollution.
· In order to achieve this goal, we have formulated a 'CSR Promotion Policy' consisting of two key areas, and we have carried out activities together with group member companies.
Environmental Protection:
Committed to the Treatment of Air Pollution, using Superior Technology for the Improvement of the Living Environment of Human Beings
Rapid economic development often contributes to the cost of a deteriorating environment. Based on our conscience of corporate returns, social responsibility of national economy and people's livelihood, the company devotes itself to the environmental protection industry of benefiting the country, benefiting the people and benefiting future generations. It positions the main attack direction in the treatment of air pollution. It aims to create a clean environment for future generations and contribute a blue sky to all humanity.
In the past 20 years, Jiangnan Environmental Protection has persisted in scientific and technological innovation, continuously researching and developing independent intellectual properties in flue gas desulfurization treatment technologies. Our supreme mission in this enterprise is to realize the common dream of human beings of 'having a good living environment'
· JNEP helps global users remove millions of tons of air pollutants such as SO2 and NOx through advanced technologies. We transform these pollutants into millions of tons of sulfur-based compound fertilizers while turning the pollution of the sky into fertile land.
Social Contribution:
Adhere to Technological Innovation to improve Competitiveness,
promote Social Development while promoting Social Sustainable Development
· Adhering to innovation, improving self-sustainability capacity, building and providing high quality products and services is our corporate commitment to society;
· Dedication to continuous improvement, delivering optimized cost and environmental contributions to society while sustaining reasonable profits;
· Sharing development achievements, while strengthening enterprise development, strengthen cooperation with all sectors of society, establish mutual benefit and win-win mechanisms with the government, employees, business partners, and other interested parties, to realize the common development of the company, employees, the region, and the whole society;
· Solve the problem of social employment, by helping coal-fired power plants meet the emission standards of natural gas-fired power plants, and bring huge opportunities to the survival, employment, and development of coal and thermal power industries in developed countries;
· Promote development of global agricultural industry, and improve the output and quality of agriculture through global customized services for sulfur-based compound fertilizers;
· Focus on personnel training and strive to create an employment environment in which all kinds of talents can maximize their abilities and skills and realize their own values.
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