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Milestones of JNEP
Since 1993, JNEP has focused on improving the living environment of human beings through the use of ammonia FGD technology, and has continued to develop rapidly through innovative technologies and excellent services. It has become a leader in the global environmental protection industry.
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Zhenjiang Jiangnan Magnetic Separation Equipment Factory Co. Ltd was founded
Zhenjiang Jiangnan Magnetic Separation Equipment Factory Co. Ltd was founded; It developed and produced various types of magnetic separators and began the initial growth stage of the company.
Ammonia-based FGD Technology Research Institute was founded
Zhenjiang Jiangnan Environmental Protection Equipment Research Institute was founded: Company invested all the funds to conduct basic research and experiments on ammonia-based desulfurization and environmental protection technology.
The 1st generation of desulfurization technology was successfully developed
TP/TS model desulfurization unit identification and acceptance ceremony, company's initial simple ammonia desulfurization and denitrification unit passed the evaluation by Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu . The conclusion of the evaluation was "The desulfurization efficiency can reach more than 90% and has certain nitrogen removal and dust removal effect, moreover, the unit performance has reached advanced level of similar units in China."
JNEP's predecessor company was founded
Zhenjiang Jiangnan Environmental Protection Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. was founded: this is the predecessor of JNEP (China). From that on, JNEP (China) stopped the production of the original products and moved itself into the field of environmental protection desulfurization.
The first ammonia recovery FGD unit was successfully put into operation
The 50 MW unit project of Tianjin Soda Plant was put into operation: this project is a pilot project cooperated by the company and 863 project group of East China University of Science and Technology. It was the first demonstration unit of the application of ammonia recovery FGD technology in China and obtained 7 independent patents.
Zhenjiang Jiangnan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded to enter the field of operational services
Zhenjiang Jiangnan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded: it covered the areas of post processing unit operation and the sales of by-product ammonium sulfate. The company was awarded Grade A Operation Qualification in Environmental Protection Facilities. Now it has been renamed Nanjing New Century Environmental Protection Operation Co., Ltd.
Moved from Zhenjiang to Nanjing
JNEP (China) moved from Zhenjiang to Nanjing: it was located in Jiangning economic development zone of Nanjing. With Nanjing's geographical and talent advantages, the company took a very important step for its development.
Became a Sino-foreign joint venture
Introduction of strategic investors: JNEP (China) signed a three million US dollar investment agreement with the "New Venture Capital Enterprise". JNEP (China) became a sino-foreign joint venture from then on.
Established a corporate vision
· Dedicate to air pollution control
· Improving the living environment by our advanced technology
· Realizing the social value, the shareholder value and the employee value in harmony
· Becoming a prestigious company worldwide
Saturated crystallization in the absorber technology was successful developed
By-product ammonium sulfate of the Chongqin Zhongliangshan project: the nitrogen content in the product reached 20.8% which met the standard of GB535-1995. This indicated that it was a breakthrough for JNEP (China) to realize the crystallization inside the FGD absorber.
National Grade A Design Qualification was obtained
Jiangnan Environmental Design Institute was established: JNEP (China) decided to depend on its own to design desulfurization project. In August of the same year, it obtained the Grade A Design Qualification in Environmental Protection Projects (air pollution prevention and control project) and embarked on the road of independent design.
Ammonia-based FGD technology recognized and recommended by the Country
"Ammonia desulfurization technology on-site review conference" was held: the on-site review conference of Jiangnan ammonia desulfurization technology was held in Nanning, Guangxi which was organized by China Electricity Council. Environmental Resource Department of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Science and Technology Department of Ministry of Environmental Protection, other competent departments and five major power groups attended this conference. The expert panel composed of 9 experts considered that ammonia desulfurization technology is a green desulfurization technology which can truly achieve circular economy. The technology is especially suitable for the new construction and renovation project of flue gas desulfurization of power plant boilers and process furnaces with high sulfur content in coal.
National Awards was obtained
Awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China: the independent intellectual property right "Development and application of resource recovery wet ammonia-based desulfurization technology" which completed by JNEP (China) won the second prize of national environmental protection science and technology award.
Developed national standard for ammonia desulfurization
Implementation of national standard for ammonia desulfurization: this standard named is prepared by JNEP (China) entrusted by the national environmental protection department. Since then, the clear technical specification for ammonia flue gas desulfurization project of thermal power plant in China had been established.
The company changed to a stock company
Completion of JNEP (China)'s restructuring: JNEP (China)'s founding meeting and first general meeting of shareholders were held. The overall restructuring was changed into a joint stock limited company with a registered capital of 80 million RMB. The company was renamed as Jiangsu New Century Jiangnan Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. The listing was launched in an all-round way.
Introduced TKC's denitrification technology from Italy
Introduction of DeNOx technology: JNEP (China) signed an agreement with Italian TKC Company to introduce SCR DeNOx technology. Next January, SNCR DeNOx and low NOx combusting technology from Zhejiang University were introduced to company and entered DeNOx market. Combined with ammonia desulfurization technology of JNEP (China), integrated desulfurization and DeNOx technology with Jiangnan characteristics was formed.
Entered the preparatory stage for listing
Listing of IP application documents: JNEP (China) satisfied the requirements for listing. JNEP (China) issued stocks for the first time in public and formally submitted the application documents for listing on the GEM to CSRC. JNEP (China) began to operate in accordance with the standards of listing.
Entered the sulfur recovery market
Entering the sulfur recovery market: Introduced Claus sulfur recovery technology of Hofung Technology from Netherlands, combined with the company's own ammonia desulfurization technology with independent intellectual property rights of the company. The leading solution EADS for acid gas treatment in petrochemical and coal chemical industry has been creatively developed. Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Secretary of Commerce and Ambassador attended the signing ceremony of technical cooperation agreement in Beijing.
US subsidiary company was founded
United States incorporation was founded: Jiangnan Environmental Technology Inc. was incorporated in Delaware as a platform to start international business.
Construction of R&D and manufacturing center was completed
Manufacturing center was completed and put into use: the Nanjing New Century Jiangnan Environmental Protection Technology Ninggao industrial base in Gaochun district finished construction and operated. The base covers an area of 133,334 square meters and it is engaged in the design, production and installation of company's core facilities.
Introduced wet acid production technology from DuPont
Introduction of sulfuric acid production technology: signed an agreement with MECS company of the United States to introduce sulfuric acid production technology. The company would be responsible for the promotion of its technology in Chinese market. MECS company is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of DuPont.
Signed the world's largest ammonia-based desulphurization project
Signed the Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. Shenhua Ningmei coal-to-liquid oil project 10×200MW unit ammonia-based desulfurization project EPC contract, which is the world's largest ammonia-based desulfurization project.
Moved into new company building
New office building: Jiangnan Environmental headquarters building was officially completed and put into use. The construction area is 50,000 square meters. Jiangnan people finally had their own office building. From now on, JNEP (China) opened a new chapter in history.
The world's first ultra-low emission ammonia-based FGD demonstration project has been put into operation successfully
The ultrasound-enhanced SO2 and particulate control demonstration project of Ningbo Wanhua #5 tower was completed and put into operation, achieving ultra-low emission targets of 35 mg of SO2 and 5 mg of dust, completely replacing WESP technology.
Grade A Design Qualification in Chemical Engineering Projects was obtained
The company has been granted the Grade A professional design qualification of the chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical industry (chemical engineering), which is the highest level design qualification for the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
2×500MW Ammonia-based FGD absorber been put into operation
Xinjiang Meihua Amino Acid 2×500MW project, with a single absorber processing flue gas volume of 2.19 million Nm3, is the world's largest ammonia-based FGD unit.
In 2018 JNEP' s fifth generation ammonia based desulfurization technology was successfully used in Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical's 150000 T / a sulfur recovery tail gas desulfurization project, which is the world's first ammonia based desulfurization unit for sulfur recovery in oil refineries.
In 2019 JNEP led the setting of standard DL/T 1996-2019 “Specification of performance test for ammonia flue gas desulfurization”
In 2020, JNEP was selected as the special prize of national science and technology award.
In 2021,CCTV's "news broadcast" headline broadcast the news of JNEP's ammonia based desulfurization technology’s application in Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical's carbon emission reduction projects.
The pilot project which adopts JNG’s integrated ammonia based desulfurization and decarbonization technology has passed the national level appraisal
On August 21 2022, China Electricity Council held the appraising meeting of JNG’s independently developed “Integrated ammonia based desulfurization and decarbonization pilot project with ammonia sulfate and ammonia carbonate as by product”. The pilot project passed the national level appraisal. The expert group of the appraisal meeting agreed that the technology adopted in the project has reached the international leading level and suggested to promote the application of this project.
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