The pilot project which adopts JNG¡¯s integrated ammonia based desulfurization and decarbonization technology has passed the national level appraisal
JNG | 22 Aug, 2022

On August 21 2022, China Electricity Council held the appraising meeting of JNG¡¯s independently developed ¡°Integrated ammonia based desulfurization and decarbonization pilot project with ammonia sulfate and ammonia carbonate as by product¡±. The pilot project passed the national level appraisal. The expert group of the appraisal meeting agreed that the technology adopted in the project has reached the international leading level and suggested to promote the application of this project.

This appraising meeting involves academician Gao Xiang from ZheJiang University as Director, academician Zhou Wei from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences as Vice director. The other experts involved are: Wang Zhixuan, vice president of China electricity council, Yan Zhongkai, Deputy Secretary General of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Zhu Liyang, president of China Circular Economy Association, Guo Shiwei, professor from Institute of resources and Environmental Sciences of Nanjing Agricultural University, Wu Weihong, Senior Engineer from Zhejiang University Energy Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd, Xing Deshan, professor from national energy group science and technology research institute, Chen Jilu, Senior Engineer from China Datang New Energy Research Institute.

In the afternoon of August 20, the expert group of the appraisal committee made a site visit to Ningbo Jiufeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. to investigate the operation of the unit and various indicators. Xu Junsheng, chairman of JNG, Luo Jing, CEO of JNG and Zhang Jun, chief engineer of the JNG introduced the project at the site. The experts went into the control room to check the real-time data of decarbonization and ammonia slip and spoke highly of the decarbonization efficiency of 77% and the ammonia slip as low as 0.5ppm; The fertilizer production process attracted all experts to watch and take photos to record this moment.

On the morning of August 21, led by Gao Zhiya, director of the achievements appraisal office of China electricity council, the appraisal meeting officially began. The meeting was held both online and offline. Leaders of the national carbon solution office, academician Zhou Wei and Deputy Secretary General Yan Zhongkai participated in the online meeting. Subsequently, the expert committee heard the technical research summary report made by Zhang Jun, chief engineer of JNG, and the speech by Yuan Jianfu, chairman of Ningbo Jiufeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Academician Zhou Wei highly recognized this technology. He pointed out that compared with the previous limestone technology, this technology is truly turning waste into treasure, and summarized three innovation points of the project: first, the integrated desulfurization and decarbonization process has been proved and the desulfurization efficiency has reached the international advanced level; Second, in the process of decarbonization, the problem of ammonia slip is successfully solved, which is very consistent with the requirements of circular economy; The third is the by-product ammonium sulfate / ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer has considerable economic benefits and can play a role in solving China's food security. Deputy Secretary General Yan Zhongkai agreed with this and added that this technology is a project integrating pollution reduction, carbon reduction, energy conservation and resource utilization, and is the technology urgently needed by our country. Some suggestions are given to further expand the application scope. He said that such a promising project should reach bigger scale and industrialization as soon as possible and should be applied to various industries.

As the president of the national circular economy association, Zhu Liyang also put forward his own ideas on this project. He said that at present, China is facing the problem of carbon capture and resource utilization. The existing technology can only solve the problem in a small scale, but for China's carbon dioxide emission of more than 10 billion tons, they cannot be the suitable technology for China's carbon neutral goal. JNG¡¯s echnology is the technology that can really achieve this goal. President Zhu said that he was very happy to see this technology at the site of Jiufeng thermal power, because this marks that we found a real circulation path and improved the utilization efficiency of resources which fully meets president Xi¡¯s new explanation of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. He also said that when communicating with Chairman Xu from JNG, he understood that JNG was groping in practice, from theory to process technology, to small-scale and pilot tests. It was the first in this field and was obviously in a leading position compared with the same type of technology abroad. He said that western countries have proposed carbon neutralization for many years, but in fact they are not very concerned about the issue of carbon emissions. Other countries use 50 years or even 70 years to neutralize, and our country only needs 30 years. It is precisely because of these key technologies that our country has sets a solid foundation. Only China is truly concerned about global climate change and has taken concrete actions to implement the national carbon goal. Regarding the technology of JNG, president Zhu made it clear that it is the first and leading technology in the world.

Professor Xing Deshan made a "three good" comment. First, there is a good leader in JNG. He thinks that Chairman Xu is an entrepreneur with high ideals. There is no problem for Jiangnan environmental protection to develop this technology with such a leader, and the development of the company over the past decades has also proved this; Second, there is a good team in JNG. Through the contact in recent days, Professor Xing believes that leaders and staff at all levels of JNG are very dedicated, professional and courageous. They have a deep respect and love for their career and the technology they have developed. Such a team with a strong sense of professional honor will certainly have a very good team effect when meeting a leader like Mr. Xu. Therefore, he is not only confident in this technology, but also confident in the future development of JNG; The third good thing is that the company has a very good technology. At present, CCUs is the goal that our country has been pursuing, but there are two things hard to achieve in application: low cost and large-scale. The technology of JNG can fully meet all this two requirements and it is undoubtedly an innovative and breakthrough technology. Professor Xing also said that the media which attended this meeting will also be a volunteer propagandist of this technology on various occasions. He hope this good technology can be applied and promoted in more occasions, more enterprises and more industries.

Finally, academician Gao Xiang, as the chairman of the committee, made a concluding speech. He agreed with Professor Xing's remarks and said his own opinions. He believes that many entrepreneurs, after finishing one thing, will soon do another. Chairman Xu not only has high ideals, but also has persistence which he highly admires. Chairman Xu has always focused on the ammonia based process and established a large-scale and influential company like JNG. He pointed out that at present, Chairman Xu is shifting the direction to the synergy of pollution reduction and carbon reduction which is constantly expanding the boundaries. Many people choose to give up when they encounter difficulties but Chairman Xu is still pushing forward and has achieved good pilot scale and industrial test results. He said that JNG¡¯s technology is of great significance in ensuring China's energy security.

Later the experts had a discussion and finally gave a unified appraisal opinion as follows: the development of integrated ammonia based desulfurization and decarbonization with ammonium sulfate / ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer as by product is successful through laboratory small-scale test and industrial test. This technology has also successfully solved the problem of ammonia slip during decarbonization. The appraisal committee agreed that this project have reached the international leading level and recommends to promote the application. They believe the application of this technology will provide strong technical support for China to achieve the national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

The technology of JNG has passed the national level appraisal, which is not only a high affirmation of JNG¡¯s technology, but also a significant achievement in the history of JNG. It is the key to the company's second rising and a milestone success. In the future development, JNG will promote the large-scale application of this technology as soon as possible, ensure China's food security and energy security, and help the early realization of the national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals!

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