A joint cooperation agreement has been signed between the two companies
JNG | 5 Jan, 2023
Milan (Italy), 03 January 2023 ¨C Arkad S.p.A. and JIANGNAN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION GROUP Inc., an international private technology company who has developed and owns the technologies with global intellectual property rights among which those related to High Efficient Ammonia Based Desulfurization (EADS) and Integrated Ammonia-based Desulfurization and Decarbonization (ADSC), set up a long-term strategic commercial relationship to market the technologies and supply turn key solutions to many segments of the industrial sectors, in particular to the refining and power industries. The agreement covers several important geographical areas around the world, in particular Italy, Algeria and Saudi Arabia and all countries neighboring the Mediterranean Sea.

The partnership will combine Arkad S.p.A.¡¯s EPC works expertise and global footprint in the market, especially in the Countries named above, with JNG full mastery of the process.

The principle behind Efficient Ammonia-Based Desulfurization Technology (EADS) and Integrated Ammonia-based Desulfurization and Decarbonization (ADSC) is the conversion of SO2 and CO2 emissions into fertilizers [Ammonium Sulphate and Ammonium Bicarbonate], without generating any Sulphur and liquid waste streams or undesirable solid byproducts. The closed-loop process produces sellable fertilizers that can reduce up to 50 percent the operating cost compared to other technologies.

¡°This agreement is a further step towards a broader technological offer and an enhanced strategic approach coherently with our ESG values¡±, stated Andrea Brunetti ¨C CEO of Arkad SpA.

¡°JNG¡¯s ADSC technology is perfectly matching EU¡¯s carbon neutrality target and environmental emission requirements and could make important contributions to EU¡¯s energy security and food security. The JCA with Arkad demonstrates the strong confidence from both companies to collaborate and promote projects in the target markets.¡± ¨C Junsheng Xu, Chairman of JNG

JNG is a leading ESG technology company providing integrated solutions for new energy utilization, energy saving, pollution reduction, and carbon capture & utilization (CCU) for energy, refining, chemical, and metallurgical industries. JNG is dedicated to the development of green industrial value chain in the field of CCU and desulfurization, from green ammonia to green fertilizer. Leveraging the remarkable track record in China, JNG is expanding the international business with the international headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

Arkad S.p.A. is an Engineering & Contracting Company with a portfolio of 60 years of experience and 300 completed projects in more than 30 countries. The company provides a full range of Process Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning solutions to the Energy Industries, with a special attention on Energy Transition projects (www.arkadspa.com).

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