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Breaking Ground and Forging Alliances: Brazilian Delegation Visits Jiangnan Environmental Protection
JNG | 28 Aug, 2023
Last week, a delegation from Brazilian embarked on a journey of exploration and collaboration with Jiangnan Environmental Protection. Among them were industry luminaries including Pedro G., vice-chairman of Diamante Geração de Energia; Pedro Litsek, CEO of Diamante Geração de Energia; Fernando Luiz Zancan, CEO of SATC - Associação Beneficente da Indústria Carbonífera de Santa Catarina; Marcio Zanuz, CFO of SATC; Roberto Heemann, senior planning manager of Carbonífera Catarinense; Ivan Jankov, technology manager at GRUPO MONTO; Giuliano Capeletti de Oliveira, founder of GCO Group. Their visit encompassed a thorough exploration of our headquarters, technology hub, the ammonia-based desulfurization project at Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical, and Ningbo Jiufeng's Carbon Capture and Utilization with Nitrogen Fertilizer Technology (CCUF).

A significant milestone was achieved on August 10th when Diamond Power Corporation signed a detailed feasibility contract for UTLC ammonia based flue gas desulfurization project. This agreement sets a robust foundation for future collaborative endeavours. With four power plants boasting a collective capacity of 740MW, Diamante Geração de Energia's partnership promises unparalleled potential.

During the visit, engaging dialogues unfolded between the Brazilian delegation and our team. Discussions revolved around the advantages of ammonia-based desulfurization, the co-production of nitrogen fertilizer, and the prospective avenues for cooperation. As a global agricultural powerhouse and a frontrunner in agricultural potential, Brazil's alignment with our technology – which not only ensures emission compliance but also produces fertilizers – holds immense economic significance.

Our warm welcome extended by CEO Jing Luo and the participation of Senior Vice Presidents Chao Li, Lifang Qi, Chief Engineer Jun Zhang, VP of JET USA Yaping Lv, Business Director Edward Lee, and project manager Yaming Jiang further enriched this exchange.

The delegation's visit extended to our technology hub, where Vice General Manager Zixiang Cai guided them through our manufacturing facility. The exploration later continued to Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical's desulfurization project, personally hosted by Deputy Chief Engineer and Plant Manager Wang Junming. The delegation gained insights into over a decade of collaboration between us and Qilu, as they toured the project site and the control centre. Our partnership spans the entirety of Qilu's desulfurization facilities, and their acknowledgment of our technological proficiency and project performance was deeply gratifying. Qilu's Vice Director of Ethylene Power Plant, Guo Chen, and Secretary Hongqi Liu also participated in this engaging experience.

The journey culminated with a visit to Ningbo Jiufeng Thermal Power's industrial setup, showcasing our Carbon Capture and Utilization with Nitrogen Fertilizer Technology. Hosted by Party Secretary and General Manager Yuan Jianfu, this phase allowed Chief Engineer Zhang Jun to present the project's development achievements, research process, technological advantages, and market potential. Mr. Yuan also shared insights from our collaborative journey spanning over a decade, with the delegation lauding our accomplishments in carbon peak and carbon neutrality endeavours as world-leading. Technical Director Bin Li and Office Director Xujun Ji also joined in the exchange.

This visit not only marks the commencement of a new chapter in our collaboration but also lays the groundwork for an expeditious demonstration project in Brazil.
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