NTPC in China: India' s Largest State-owned Power Group Hails JNG' s FGD Technology
JNG | 29 Oct, 2019
An Indian delegation of National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. (NTPC) paid a 6-day visit to China to find out more about JNG' s efficient ammonia-based desulfurization (EADS) technology. Led by Pankaj, the Standing GM of NTPC, the group of three embarked on the mission on October 13th. NTPC is the largest sated-owned power group, ranking 492 in the Forbes Global 500 in 2019. It has 23 wholly-owned and 9 jointly-owned coal fire power plants with a total installed gross capacity of 57,000 MW. The event was put onto the agenda earlier in June during a high-level meeting between Mr. Xu, Chairman of JNG and Gurdeep Singh, Chairman of NTPC, aiming to promote the existing plan to apply JNG' s EADS technology in NTPC' s power plants.
The delegation first set out for Ningmei and Meihua reference plants – the world’s largest ammonia-based FGD project and largest ammonia FGD absorber respectively. Amazed by the sheer scale and the stability of JNG' s desulfurization units, the delegates were able to get an insight into the technical advantages of JNG’s time-tested technology.
On October 18th, the NTPC group arrived at JNG' s Nanjing headquarter. Beginning with a brief presentation, both sides then exchanged their opinions over JNG' s EADS technology. JNG' s technical team gave detailed answers to Indian delegates' questions, outlining the advantages of ammonia-based desulfurization technology. Compared with limestone-gypsum process, EADS takes lead technically and commercially.
After the in-depth technical discussion, Chairman Xu met with the NTPC delegation. Xu extended a warm welcome to the guests and asked them to bring his greetings to Mr. Gurdeep Singh. According to Chairman Xu, JNG' s EADS is exactly what NTPC is looking for: the outlet indicators are perfect; no extra waste water, waste gas or any solid waste will occur; ammonia sulfate, the by-product, can be sold as quality fertilizer and widely used in India’s agricultural production, significantly cutting down the operation cost of the units. All in all, EADS is truly a green desulfurization technology that suits India’s national conditions, which could help Indian power companies thrive and be more competitive under the market circumstances. JNG is willing to work with NTPC joint-handedly to promote the application of EADS in India, setting an example for future projects while benefiting Indian companies as well as the local people. Mr. Pankaj expressed his recognition of JNG' s advanced technology, project experience and financial capability, and promised that they would take immediate actions to push forward with this promising cooperation between the two parties.
On the same day, the NTPC delegates visited JNG' s manufacturing center based in Gaochun. They were astonished to see the modernized equipment and workshops, and expressed unreserved appreciation. The manufacturing capabilities is world-leading, they remarked.
After years of planning, JNG has officially kicked off its engagement in the Indian desulfurization market – the world' s largest of its kind. The visit of NTPC plays an active role in developing JNG' s very first project in Indian state-owned power companies.

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