Jiangnan culture: Insist on doing the right thing
JNG | 29 Oct, 2019

In April 2019, the company's regular client Jin Coal Hua Yu contacted us on "White Smoke Elimination" and we had much in-depth communication with client on our company’s opinions on "White Smoke Elimination" for desulphurization. We always hold the opinion that "White Smoke Elimination" belongs to a fake proposition. Jiang Nan Environmental Protection Group will not be engaged in "fake environmental protection". Therefore, we actively suggested that project owner should communicate with relevant government departments and give up the "White Smoke Elimination". According to the calculation of our company on the "White Elimination" scheme of this project, the investment of 4 desulfurization towers was more than 20 million yuan. At the same time, the operation of the 4 desulfurization towers required 2,400 tons of cooling water per hour, 21 tons of steam per hour and a large amount of electricity. The operation cost was up to several million yuan per year. "White Smoke Elimination" is neither of environmental significance nor to create any value. It is a waste of money and face project. After several times of communication, the client's senior executives highly recognized it and they not only cancelled the bidding of "White Smoke Elimation" at the first time, but also required the company to contact the relevant government departments as soon as possible to persuade the government agencies not to do "White Smoke Elimination".

A few days ago, the National Ecology and Environment Department proposed that in the power plant which stably met the requirement of ultra-low emission, they should not be forced to control and treat "white smoke plume" in "Action Plan for Comprehensive Control and Treatment of Air Pollution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Surrounding Regions in the Fall and Winter of 2019-2020". Ecology and Environment Department responded that after entering into the atmosphere, flue gas was cooled and condensed to form a large amount of condensed water droplets which had light refraction, scattering to form a "white smoke plume" on the vision because of the low temperature. For ultra-low emission units with qualified treatment facilities, "white plume" consists mainly of water and mist and has a very low pollutant concentration. At present, the plume smoke treatments in many cities mainly use condensation, heating and other technologies and by changing the temperature and humidity of smoke, smoke color can only be eliminated on the vision. So it is just "beauty care" and has not much to do with control of the emission of pollutants, but increases energy consumption and indirectly increases the emission of pollutants. Therefore, the state issues a plan with clearly specified policy that the power plant which stably meets the requirement of ultra-low emission should not be forced to control and treat "white smoke plume".

The example of dissuading Jin Coal Hua Yu from eliminating white smoke reflects JNG’s value and its strong sense of social responsibility. When the so-called "White Elimination" market has just started, Chairman Xu urged in the company president’s office, meeting with clients and other various occasions that "White Smoke Elimination" doesn't reduce atmospheric pollution and is a false proposition. It is not only beneficial to environmental protection, but also increases a lot of energy consumption. Moreover, it is not beneficial to both country and people, and adds a lot of burden to the enterprise. It is entirely driven by the interests of some desulfurization companies. He clearly instructed marketing company that JNG should never be engaged in any "White Smoke Elimination" projects and "Fake Environmental Protection". JNG would never earn any penny of money which it does not deserve and would insist on not doing something which it should not do.

Chairman Xu also communicated with the state environmental protection department many times, pointed out drawbacks and hoped that state would put an end to "White Smoke Elimination" from the policy level. The current change of national policy proves that the viewpoint of Chairman Xu has received national recognition. It is by the insistence of JNG with the principle that nation and enterprises save ineffective spending of tens of billions of yuan. Chairman Xu said that JNG is a responsible company. Our values and business philosophy determine that we must do something beneficial to the society. We should speak up for the reason and practice against "fake environmental protection" which seeks private benefits in the name of public interests.

Chairman Xu has always believed that making money without putting a priority on value is just speculation, which not only can not promote social progress, but will lead the society to ugliness and sooner or later will be abandoned by the society. The key of a successful enterprise is that company should not always think about making money, but should think about how to create value for the society with the products researched, developed and produced. Thus, money would come in naturally and this is the most obvious truth of the enterprise values. Therefore, the company's business fields for many years have always been around the development of air pollution and the extension of upstream and downstream businesses. The company would never make hot money and quick money no matter how tempting it is.

Chairman Xu's adherence to values is uncompromising. He not only takes the lead as example in the decision-making and management of the company, but also persuades and changes clients' choices with a strong sense of justice and social responsibility.

Chairman Xu has stressed many times that people who know they are doing a just career will have a strong sense of justice, and will naturally develop strong courage and confidence to affect and persuade customers. The most important thing is that we should have strong confidence for ourselves that we are on the side of justice, never waver, never give up, and always insist on doing the right thing.

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