Stick to corporate values and benefit the society
--The story behind JNG' s ultra-low emission technology
JNG | 14 Nov, 2019

When referring to JNG, it is known for its fourth generation of leading ultrasound-enhanced SO2 and particulate control technology (USPAC) with ultra-low emissions which has received widespread plaudits from the industry and enjoyed prestige at home and abroad. However, it' s little known that there were countless efforts and energy poured by Chairman Xu into the R&D and market promotion process and lots of striking stories behind the technology' s leading position.

JNG vice CEO Qi Lifang witnessed the R&D of the fourth-generation technology, as she recalls, in 2013, China began to push forward the ultra-low emission policy for thermal power plants and advocated wet electro-static precipitator (WESP). In order to serve clients' needs timely, JNG invested €700,000 to introduce WESP from the French company Alstom. However, as our understanding of WESP became deeper, we found that the technology comes with high energy consumption and waste water which was not green and inconsistent with JNG' s adherence to its philosophy of “Do the Right Thing” and values. That' s why Chairman Xu decided to abandon WESP although a huge amount of money had been poured in. If there is no technology that meets the JNG values and philosophy, can we strive for breakthroughs and innovations to develop our own green technology? So Chairman Xu organized an enlarged meeting of the tech committee and technology backbones to brainstorm, share thoughts and pool the wisdom. Every attendee was required to submit a proposal in a week and based on these proposals, Chairman Xu made the decision of establishing the key process development of the ultrasound desulfurization and particulate control technology, a precursor of a transformation that gives birth to a huge industrial evolution.

Vice CEO Mrs. Qi introduced that, through design optimization, the fourth generation of USPAC is capable of removing sulfur and controlling, scrubbing and capturing particles in the flue gas within the desulfurization absorber. Compared with the WESP, the advantages of JNG' s technology lie in that it occupies less area and match desulfurization absorption system; it' s easy to install and can be integrated into previous absorbers yet with high reliability and low maintenance. The biggest advantage is that the construction investment is 30%-40% lower, operation cost is 20%-30% lower, the electricity consumption is only half of WESP and there is no need for the consumption of any process water nor waste water discharge. In September 2015, the Ningbo Wanhua 5# Tower project witnessed the successful and smooth construction of USPAC demonstration installation, of which the index for smoke dust (total PM) emission is less than 5mg/Nm3 and S02 emission less than 35mg/Nm3. As the first USPAC demonstration installation, it has helped open a new era of ultra-low emission for JNG. So far, more than 300 units of ultra-low emission installations have been built.

According to the statistics of JNG Research Institute, compared with WESP, the adoption of the fourth generation of ultra-low emission technology has helped clients save 710 million yuan of investment over the years and 180 million yuan of operation cost annually. These figures fully illustrate the huge benefits JNG' s technology brings to enterprises and the society.
Chairman Xu has stressed for many times at staff meetings that creating good beneficial results is an important condition for its benign development, but the prerequisite for making profits is that JNG should be committed to pursuing work that can deliver real benefits to the society. When it comes to profits, we need to take a long-term perspective since focusing on immediate interests and overlooking long-term development is an act of shortsightedness. In such case, we need to be decisive like what Chairman Xu did back in 1990s when he chose ammonia-based desulfurization over limestone-gypsum process which was the option of lots of companies due to the reason that it could help earn “quick money”, yet it produces second pollution while ammonia desulfurization is greener and more promising with no waste water, waste residue and higher social values, and more importantly, it generates real benefits to the country and people. JNG started from scratch and conducted independent R&D, and with ammonia-based desulfurization technology as the foundation of the company, JNG embarked on a promising development path.

Chairman Xu' s adherence to corporate values is unshakable. He not only sets a good example to the company in the decision-making and management, but also shows a strong sense of justice and social responsibility. He personally persuaded clients to change their mind. For example, he managed to persuade Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group (Shenhua), to use ammonia-based desulfurization technology. Before this, Shenhua had invited tenders for WESP ultra-low emission technology and determined the winning bidder to cooperate with nearly 200 million yuan of investment and the construction of the pile foundation had already begun. And the situation was extremely unfavorable to JNG with the demonstration installation of the fourth generation of USPAC still under construction, and not put into use yet. All made it hard to change Shenhua' s decision. However, Chairman Xu was resolved and uttered powerfully that never would JNG' s installation be allowed to release waste water, waste gas and waste residue and be labelled as a high energy-consumption WESP provider. With great confidence in JNG' s technology and after consultation with Shenhua seniors over and over again by presenting the great edges of the fourth generation technology, that is, low operation cost and no waste water discharge, Chairman Xu successfully convinced them to shelve WESP. The later successful operation of Wanhua demonstration installation assured Shenhua of using JNG technology.

For JNG people, these vivid and indisputable facts fully and profoundly explain that JNG is a conscientious enterprise undertaking social responsibility. JNG has always been upholding corporate values since its inception. It has been highly recognized for its efforts in repaying our clients with technological advancement results and help them cut down investment and operating costs. JNG believes that win-win cooperation is fundamental to ensuring an ever-lasting growth. Chairman Xu and JNG are truly devoted to the concept of “building each and every project as a monument” which not only benefits the contemporary society, but also future generations. Lucid waters and lush mountains are valuable assets for the future generations to unleash more potentials to make contributions to the sustainable development of the whole society and all mankind.

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