JNG China Signs Jiangxi Brothers Ultra-low Emission Transformation Project
JNG | 10 Jan, 2020
Recently, our company and Jiangxi Brothers Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. cooperated once again and signed the "EPC general contract of Jiangxi Brothers Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 2 × 130t / h circulating fluidized bed boiler flue gas desulfurization ultra-low emission reconstruction project" and "Jiangxi Brothers Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. EPC general contract for the 2 × 130t / h circulating fluidized bed boiler flue gas denitrification ultra-low emission transformation project.
Jiangxi Brothers Pharmaceutical Factory's 2 × 130t / h boiler flue gas supporting ammonia desulfurization device was built by our company in 2015. With our company’s advanced technology, the device has been operating stably and was highly recognized by the owner. As the environmental protection requirements becomes stricter, the old device needs ultra-low emission transformation. This project adopts JNG' s fourth generation of technology --- integrated flue gas treatment technology to complete the transformation. The design value of the flue gas at the inlet of the desulfurization tower is 200,000m3 / h in a single tower. After the transformation is completed, the SO2 emission concentration will be controlled below 35 mg / Nm3 (standard, dry basis, oxygen 6%) with the total dust emission concentration less than 5 mg / Nm3 (standard, dry basis, 6% oxygen, when the dust content at the inlet of the desulfurization tower is not higher than 20mg / Nm3), ammonia recovery rate ≥99% and ammonia escape ≤3 mg / Nm3 (standard, dry basis, oxygen 6%) to ensure that the annual operating time of the device is not less than 8000h. The denitration device adopts SNCR (Using the existing devices) + SCR process to ensure that the nitrogen oxide emission concentration is ≤50 mg / Nm3 and the ammonia escape rate is <3 ppm.

Jiangxi Brother Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brother Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002562). It is located in Jishan Chemical Park, Pengze County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The total planned land for the project is about 3,000 mu and the first phase project will use 800 mu. The first phase of the project is mainly the research and development, production and sales of vitamin B3, vitamin B5 and other fine chemical and pharmaceutical chemical products which are widely used in feed additives, food additives and pharmaceutical raw materials.

This second cooperation fully show the high recognition of Jiangxi Brothers Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and its parent company. JNG will strive to provide better service and advanced technology to build Jiangxi Brothers Pharmaceutical Project into an outstanding project that benefits both the owner and society.
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