Sinopec Jinling¡¯s Sulfur Recovery and Tail Gas Treatment System was Successfully Put into Operation
JNG | 20 Feb, 2020

Sinopec Jinling Branch' s 150,000-ton / year sulfur recovery tail gas treatment system constructed by JNG China has operated stably since it was put into trial operation in October 2018 with all the data qualified or better than requested. This project further proves the advanced and mature JNG efficient ammonia desulfurization technology' s advantage on the treatment of tail gas of super large sulfur recovery system. During the trial operation of the project, all operating indicators were better than the design values. Under the designed conditions which the SO2 concentration in the flue gas inlet was 18,000 mg / Nm3, the measured outlet SO2 was 20-30 mg / Nm3 (design indicator ≤50 mg / Nm3,), the measured ammonia escape is 1-2 mg / Nm3 (design index ≤5 mg / Nm3), which fully meets the requirements of the technical agreement.

JNG' s acid gas treatment technology is a revolutionary technology in the oil and gas field. Compared with traditional technology, investment and operating costs have been reduced by 40% with no “three waste” emissions and can meet the world's most stringent emission standards. From the first Datang Keqi 53,000 tons / year sulfur recovery unit tail gas treatment system in 2014, JNG has built more than 10 projects including Zhonghai Dongying Petrochemical 12,000 tons/year sulfur recovery unit tail gas treatment system, Baoji Chang Qing 10 thousand tons / year sulfur recovery unit tail gas treatment system and etc. JNG has gained much experience from this projects to recognize and master the key mechanism of high-concentration SO2 treatment. With the help of all the successful projects, JNG has gained high reputation in the industry. Both China's super large-scale refining project Sinopec Zhongke (Guangdong) Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd.' s 3x 130,000 tons / year sulfur recovery unit tail gas treatment system and Shenghong Petrochemical (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd. 16 million tons of refining projects' 3x 150,000 tons of sulfur recovery unit tail gas treatment system has chosen JNG' s acid gas treatment technology. These two projects are currently under construction.

Jiangnan Environmental Protection currently has 99 Chinese patents for acid gas treatment and acid tail gas ammonia desulfurization technology and 142 international patents, covering all core technologies of acid gas treatment and acid tail gas ammonia desulfurization. The patents cover more than 100 major lobal countries and regions have realized the global layout of acid gas treatment technology patents.

The successful operation of Sinopec Jinling' s super large-scale sulfur tail gas demonstration project has further established JNG' s global leading position in environmentally friendly acid gas treatment technology.

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