Chairman Xu Attends Nanjing Jiangning District government¡¯s forum on new industrial enterprises
JNG | 14 Aug, 2020
In order to implement the "four new" action plan of Nanjing and do a solid job to ensure "six stabilities" and "six guarantees", on August 11, Nanjing Branch of China CITIC Bank and the people's Government of Jiangning District, Nanjing, jointly held a new industry (Jiangning) · CITIC collaborative Forum. Chairman Xu Junsheng of JNG was invited to attend the forum and made a speech as an entrepreneur representative. Yan Yingjun, district chief of Jiangning District, Lu Jingen, President of Jiangsu regional branch of CITIC Group's Jiangsu Coordination Committee, business director of China CITIC Bank and President of Nanjing Branch, attended the meeting together with leaders of CITIC Securities, CITIC construction investment securities, Jinshi investment and other institutions. The executives of nearly 20 new industry enterprises in Jiangning District, such as Jiangnan environmental protection, ZTE (Nanjing) and Zhongqi Chuangzhi Technology Co., Ltd., also attended the forum to discuss the development of new industry in Jiangning district to realize “intelligent manufacturing”.

Jiangning District of Nanjing City is the leader in the economical development in Nanjing with a solid foundation of new industries, fruitful achievements in attracting investment and prominent agglomeration effect. In terms of GDP, general public budget revenue, social fixed investment and other major economic development indicators, Jiangning District has ranked first in Nanjing for many consecutive years. As a leading enterprise in manufacturing, JNG has played an irreplaceable leading role in promoting the economic development of Jiangning District.

Chairman Xu expressed his sincere thanks to Jiangning District government and China CITIC Bank as the representative of entrepreneurs at the meeting. He said that as a manufacturing enterprise, Jiangning is a treasure land for the development of the company. The development of the enterprise can not be separated from the strong support of the government and financial institutions. China CITIC Bank has cooperated with JNG for more than ten years and witnessed the development and growth of the company. As a technological innovation company, the company has been deeply engaged in the field of ammonia desulfurization for more than 20 years, accounting for 80% of the Chinese market. In recent years, the overseas market has also achieved good results. In the future, we will continue the in-depth cooperation in the international market.

Lu Jingen, business director of China CITIC Bank and President of Nanjing Branch, said that manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of a country. Supporting the development of manufacturing industry is the original aspiration of CITIC Bank. With developed manufacturing industry and rapid growth of emerging industrial clusters in Jiangning District, CITIC is determined and confident to devote itself to serving the manufacturing market of Jiangning and support the development of local emerging industries.
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